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Opera: Unite
Faolan - 16-6-2009 at 15:34

Opera has announced a new free service for online collaboration and Web 2 communities.

Opera: Unite

It's still in development but this could be an interesting way for Opera to distinguish themselves from other people.

I have already used it today to distribute some lesson notes to a student as an experiment. Once I sorted out my firewall security it worked as advertised.

scholar - 16-6-2009 at 16:37

How long, do you think, before Microsoft buys a version of the same thing, with a few bugs in it? Not as an improvement so much as a way to kick Opera?

Theravad - 16-6-2009 at 16:50

Originally posted by Faolan
Opera has announced a new free service for online collaboration and Web 2 communities.

You really ought to check out Google Wave too as this is a new way of doing things too.

Personally, I am not sure I want people coming through my firewall onto my laptop. I rather selectively publish to my DMZ and host collaborative tools there where I can assure measures of separation between personal and business data.


Faolan - 16-6-2009 at 17:21

Actually you can control who has access to various directories very easily. This isn't for Geeks/Techies, it's for the average home users who'd balk at setting up Apache and a CMS, or anything like this.

At present I'm looking at various options for remote teaching of students, so far there isn't much out there that can do the display quality of desktop support. Sharing documents isn't a major issue, per se as I can easily do that through a FTP server but for some people I deal with they struggle even to log into one.

Document sharing and the like is a pain if you have to rely on Skype/MSN and the like. Since MSN removed shared folders it's made things a bit more complicated.

Daz - 16-6-2009 at 19:54

Gonna have to have look at this, could be very useful...