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The Death of OE (DAV)
Faolan - 3-6-2009 at 11:02

Microsoft has announced the execution date for DAV (the protocal for Hotmail access in OE) as September the 1st.

If you're a OE user it's advised you move to Windows Live Mail, if you're an Outlook user then you now have the Outlook Connector from Windows Live.

This has been a public announcement on behalf of M$ ;)

Theravad - 4-6-2009 at 10:36

Do people seriously use hotmail for serious email?



Faolan - 4-6-2009 at 10:54

You'd be surprised at how many photographers and models do so!

LSemmens - 4-6-2009 at 14:44

I have a hotmail account. It is predominantly my primary account although I also have a couple of others. This is mainly because I can safely change ISPs without the need to notify everyone on my address book of a new address. My ISP based account is generally only used for business transactions that I don't care if they lose my address when I change suppliers. The question is, though, will I still be able to access it thru Thunderbird or Firefox as I ain't running Windoze?

Faolan - 4-6-2009 at 18:02

Short answer: Yes. DAV was used as a bridge for the HTTP protocol iirc.

They are now POP and IMAP aware now aren't they?

LSemmens - 5-6-2009 at 02:36

I think you are right. Tbird certainly is. IIRC I saw something on hotmail home page to that effect, too.

Quaver - 5-6-2009 at 06:57

Can't one use POP3 for Hotmail in OE?


LSemmens - 6-6-2009 at 11:42

You can, Quaver, from the comments above, and the fact that Hotmail has, in the past, been unfriendly to third party email clients, I was concerned that it may well be following a proprietary route yet again.