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IE 7 Not working along with other probs
eZAK - 28-3-2009 at 17:22

Hello All,

Here's my situation;
When I try to open IE 7 a blank page opens for a few seconds then closes, then 'sometimes' an error report,
When I start AT&T/Yahoo! it opens fine and I can browse but I can't download anything, also 'internet options' under the Tool tab will not open,
FireFox however, seems to run & download just fine.

Going to internet options in control panel yields the same thing, Flash but won't open.

Latest changes;
Tried to update to IE 8 RC-1, had conflicts with desk top images (it enlarged them), Uninstalled.
Downloaded malwarebytes anti-malware, highjackthis, registry mechanic, still running

Tried and failed;
Security on/off,
AT&T help & support, both desk top and phone,
Uninstall/re-install IE 7, (twice)
Run; inetcpl.cpl
System restore, 3 different points with-in weeks of each other, Result; 'system restore can not restore to that point, try another...'
Malwarebytes, No malware found
Reload registry, Run; c:reregisterie.cmd
sfc /scannow ; Although it seemed to load some files from the XP disc it did not solve the prob.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks for reading!
Pat Zak

waffler - 28-3-2009 at 17:26

Try updating to ie 8 or stick to ff :)

eZAK - 28-3-2009 at 18:30

I think updating to 8 is what got me in this situation in the first place.

I'm sticking with the Fox for now But the underline problem is that I can't get into the 'Internet Options' folder and I can't use system restore!

waffler - 28-3-2009 at 22:10

I've not had any probs with ie 8 although I don't use it to much :)

LSemmens - 29-3-2009 at 12:44

Have you tried loading internet options from control panel and resetting your security to the default levels, clearing cookies and history, too?

eZAK - 29-3-2009 at 19:43

I can not get into 'Internet Options'!

I've tried;
Browser tool bar,
Control panel, &
run: inetcpl.cpl

waffler - 30-3-2009 at 03:55

Sounds like a bad installation . Have you tried reinstalling it

eZAK - 30-3-2009 at 13:08


I un-installed / re-installed IE 7 three time now.

LSemmens - 30-3-2009 at 13:43

Yep. he said he'd done that.

Have you tried Internet options while in safe mode?

You could also try a "repair" option by booting with your Windoze CD and selecting repair instead of new install. Assuming, that is, that you have a genuine Windoze CD and not one of those silly "recovery CDs" that mfgs like to foist upon unsuspecting suck....,er, customers.

eZAK - 30-3-2009 at 17:51

Yes, I have the genuine XP CD.

I'll post my findings when availble.