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Advice or warnings--Opera upgrade
scholar - 8-3-2009 at 17:59

On this old Windows 98 machine, I am thinking of jumping from an Opera 7 to an Opera 9. Would a new Opera write itself over the old, or install into another folder in addition to the old? Will it get all it needs from the installation file, or does it call to the internet to get the downloads it needs to finish (thus, requiring me to be on the net when I do it)? What about importing my bookmarks?

I have not been using Opera for e-mail, so I'm not worried about transferring my e-mail files.

Katzy - 8-3-2009 at 20:23

It gives you the option as to whether to upgrade or install a seperate version.

Daz - 8-3-2009 at 22:19

Backup bookmarks, and Wand.dat if you use the Wand feature. If you customised anything else, then some other bits will need to be backed up too. You could just backup the entire Profile folder, as a precautionary measure....

It' been a while since I used v7, so have no idea of any issues that may arose at the time...

Personally I'd backup what needs to be backed up, and uninstall v7, and install a clean, fresh install of v9. Just my opinion though...

Katzy - 8-3-2009 at 23:03


LSemmens - 9-3-2009 at 12:49

Given the issues in the other thread, Scholar, I'd be backing up the profiles as above, and installing the new opera on a new OS (even W98)