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free web hosting?
finchart - 3-3-2009 at 18:58

hi guys
my daughter is designing a site for a lady who dosn't have much money. so she is thinking of hosting it on a free web host.
i know there is no such thing as a free lounch but has anyone got any suggestions of where to go ect?waveysmiley

marymary100 - 3-3-2009 at 19:01

What kind of site is it?

waffler - 3-3-2009 at 19:03


finchart - 3-3-2009 at 19:04

its just personal, a few photos that she takes.

finchart - 3-3-2009 at 19:06

that looks fine waffler

marymary100 - 3-3-2009 at 19:07

Bebo would be ok for that. It can be set for public or private.

finchart - 3-3-2009 at 19:39


marymary100 - 3-3-2009 at 20:02

A social networking site which I use to host family photographs. Flicker does the same thing I think?

marymary100 - 3-3-2009 at 20:24

Originally posted by waffler
I can't see how to register for less than $35. confused2

waffler - 3-3-2009 at 23:43

Originally posted by marymary100
Originally posted by waffler
I can't see how to register for less than $35. confused2

I think the idea is to find free or pay as little as possible . So $35 is a pretty good deal .

delanti - 4-3-2009 at 00:30

How about Geo Cities?

waffler - 4-3-2009 at 00:41

Dont get a lot of space but if your not uploading big files should be ok .

dr john - 5-3-2009 at 11:42

$35 - is that per year? If so this free web space is more expensive that many paid suppliers.

http://www.compila.com give you a free domain name with your hosting for 12 + vat per year, minimum two years up front = 27.60 for two years. Which is a bit less than $35 a year

I use them for many of my clients and get great service from them.

I always find it amusing when someone is designing a web site for someone else, and then has to ask about web hosting - have they designed any sites before?

Here are a few free hosts (I hate those "here" or "clicky" links, I like to be able to read the full url)




http://www.freevirtualservers.com/ (I've used them once for a one page site someone wanted, seemed okay, just the cost of a domain name and we sprung into action)

Try this last named one.

finchart - 5-3-2009 at 13:01

web hostings not the problem doc. its the free part thats the prob. thanks for the links ;)