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victor - 7-11-2008 at 23:23

I use Yahoo for my e/mail and all of a sudden my e/mails in assigned folders are coming up with.

From sender
To undisclosed-recipients

And there is no content in the e/mail

Has anyone any idea as to what is going on? as it has only just happened while I was reviewing some archived e/mails.

LSemmens - 8-11-2008 at 10:50

Undisclosed recipients generally refers to e-mails that are sent using BCC which helps protect the privacy of the resipients if the message was sent to a group of people. As to why these are blank messages, teo things spring to mind.
1 - your e-mail client/ or security program is blocking some unsecure content.
2 - the sender forgot to type the message.

victor - 8-11-2008 at 14:48

Hi leigh

These were dfinate e/mails that were sent to me and only me, have been read then moved from my inbox to named folders,until last night they had been reopened and reread many times suddenly the To line changed from my address and undisclosed reciprients appeared in its place plus all the contents disappeared. confused2

victor - 8-11-2008 at 15:27

Panic over it seems to have been righted.
I did send a Yahoo! Mail Help Form so there is a good chance that they have acted on it, although I have not been informed as such.

LSemmens - 9-11-2008 at 10:46

Was it stored on their server or your 'puter?

If the messages are critical. I'd be ensuring that I had a copy on my box somewhere.

victor - 9-11-2008 at 12:45

There server, And you are right one never knows the importance of some things till it is lost. ;)