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Multicast audio streaming
Theravad - 7-6-2008 at 17:08

I am trying to get piped music about the place as background noise for a large gathering.

The idea was:

MP3 playlist (MPU) --> VideoLanPlayer --> Mulicast UDP stream to say.

This is OK and for machine connected either in the main network switch or in the router switch ( remote over an ethernet over powerline bridge) and thus I can have the same music playing in two buildings....BUT.......

The router is also a wireless router and any device connected to the wireless does not get the multicast (Netgear DG854G).

I am assuming that the router will not take the multicast from a LAN port and spit out on the WiFi connection?

Any ideas anyone otherwise I will have to buy another ethernet over power adapter to pick up the multicast by the HiFi.


SRD - 8-6-2008 at 07:41

I think I'm surprised that it won't take the multicast, surely it's just a stream of information in the same way as, say, receiving a fax. Maybe you need to work out the settings for the router. I don't know if you know Pot-head Pixie over at T? Some find him difficult to get on with but he talked me through setting up my DG834G.

I realise you know more about these things than I do, and that I might just be blethering on, but I have been known to spark the flame that eventually reaches the correct solution even if it has been because I've been totally wrong. :D

Theravad - 8-6-2008 at 18:04

Originally posted by SRD
I think I'm surprised that it won't take the multicast, surely it's just a stream of information in the same way as, say, receiving a fax.

Thanks for the heads-up, I have managed to crack into the router firmware (built on busybox linux) but it is limited to what you can do. I do not think this version lets multicast traverse from LAn to WiFi - later versions of the router do :(

Daz - 9-6-2008 at 01:30

Is there any hacked firmware released that may open it up to it's full potential...?

Don't know about Netgears, (I'm a Linksys fan myself) but there are hacked firmwares available for many Linksys Routers that are meant to give you access to many more options/tweaks...

Been tempted many times myself to try these hacks, but I'm waiting 'til I get my hands on an old/spare one, that way if my playing goes wrong, I've not buggered up my main Router...! ;)

Just a thought...

Theravad - 10-6-2008 at 22:56

Originally posted by Daz

Just a thought...

I fought shy of that and another pair of wireline connetors arrived today so it is all bridged over hardwire.

I do have access to the iptables on the router and can open up the routering/multi-cast but was hesitant to break it :(


Daz - 11-6-2008 at 00:23

Originally posted by Theravad
but was hesitant to break it :(


Yep, know what you mean. Hence why I'm waiting til' I get my hands on an old unit that I can mess about with, without fear of losing my entire network...!

Glad you're sorted anyway...