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In Opera or IE, if I used "remember password," what do I do if the password changes?
scholar - 22-5-2008 at 18:02

On a couple of sites, I have chosen a "save password" or "remember password" option.

What if the password is reset? Would I get a chance to put in the right one?

I have a site or two where I have used such an option, and have since forgotten what password I oriiginally put in. Is there a way to recover it on my computer? What I have in mind is, I'd like to be able to use it if I were to log in from another computer, or if I have a hard drive problem at some time in the future which would wipe out the wand ability on the computer I most use.

Quaver - 22-5-2008 at 18:06

I write down my passwords for every site:D
It is probably stored in one of your cookies. Once that's removed, your settings will be wiped. It sometimes gets wiped by itself so better be careful :D

They usually have 'click here if you've forgotten your password' link somewhere. They'll send you your password by email.
Another way is to make a new account;)

scholar - 22-5-2008 at 18:15

I write down my passwords for every site, too. Not that it does me much good.:(:(:(

Katzy - 22-5-2008 at 20:43


Go to the "Tools" menu, select "Advanced" and "Wand passwords". If you delete the one for the site, it'll ask you, again, next time.

If you don't do that and simply save the new one, it'll pop up with the two you have. You can delete the old one, there.

Firefox? Not a scooby. I'll investigate and report back.

Katzy - 22-5-2008 at 20:48


Go to your "Tools" menu.

Select "Options".

Go to the "Security" tab.

Click "Show passwords".

Click on the site concerned.

Click "Remove".

Your next visit to the site should result in you having to enter the password, which it'll remember, if you tell it to.

Katzy - 22-5-2008 at 20:50


Don't know. Don't care.

IE is a security-hole pile of poo which I don't use and never will.

Daz - 22-5-2008 at 22:17

And following on from Kat's advice, you can backup "wand.dat" from the Opera/Profile folder, and keep it in a safe place, and then just drop it back in your profile folder when you've re-installed etc.

Same goes for "notes.dat" etc...

Or just backup the entire profile folder.

Katzy - 23-5-2008 at 10:48

For Firefox, in future, you might find this handy.