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Tiscali settings?
HannibalL - 19-4-2008 at 19:30

ok i have a BT homehub that i have managed to flash so it is now able to connect to other bband suppliers (BT homehubs are apparently "locked" to bt ) Anyway managed to flash it to the original defaults but now i need to know how i can connect it to Tiscali...i have a seimens router at the mo but i wanted to try a diff way to connect just to see if it makes any diff to my speeds... i aint to good with tech things unless i have it in simple terms...i have a user name n pass for Tiscali but its the network settings i need to know how and where i get them and put them so the net runs throught the homehub...hope this makes sence to you guys...ty

Quaver - 19-4-2008 at 20:07


HannibalL - 21-4-2008 at 17:24

ty for that Quaver but what do i do with the settings or where do i use them, not at all up on pc stuff just follow instructions lol...help please, eg 1. plug in homehub to pc, 2 ...etc

Quaver - 21-4-2008 at 17:29

I don't know your router, but here's some info:

Start > Control Panel > Network Connections > Local Area Connection -(rightclick)- Properties
Click on "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" to highlight it, then click on the "Properties" button.
Click on the "Obtain an IP address automatically" option and then click "OK" and "OK" again.
Plug in the phone line into the 'broadband' socket of the router.
Open your browser and type in
Login: Administrator
Click on Speedtouch on the blue menu on the left.
Click on the "Set Up" link under 'Pick a task...'
Click the "Next" button on the popup window
Select Routed PPP then click "Next"
Select 0.38 from the list for VPI/VCI
Select PPP over ATM (PPPoA) for 'Connection Type'
Enter the username and password for your ISP broadband login. Click "Next"

HannibalL - 22-4-2008 at 19:27

ty for that Quaver, i have already managed to flash the homehub..tryed the but it keeps saying ..Problem loading page...any ideas please