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Internet connection dropping out
marymary100 - 27-2-2008 at 16:20

My internet has been dodgy since this morning. The pattern seems to be - connected for 60 seconds then disconnected again unless I switch on/off at the wall.

Any advice for me?

giron - 27-2-2008 at 16:45

Log onto the Tiscali Broadband Service Support forum and report the fault.

It might take a while to get a reply, as there are hundreds of irate customers waiting for answers.

Plus, MK_Bratt seems to spend most of his time banning people.

Don't bother to use the telephone helplines, it's a waste of time and many of the operatives can hardly speak English.

marymary100 - 27-2-2008 at 18:07

Why thank you giron. I know you always have the answer..........

Quaver - 28-2-2008 at 14:08

What kind of router is it? Or is it a USB modem?
Any error messages?