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Possibly the oldest man in modern times dies
scholar - 3-5-2017 at 22:46


unmasked link
http://www.newser.com/story/242160/man-who-claimed-to-be-oldest-person-ever-dies.html?utm_source=part&utm_medium=uol&utm _campaign=rss_scitech
He claimed to have been born in December, 1870, but there were no official records. (It's not as if there are surviving childhood friends to back up his story, either.:P

I wonder--was he still alert and well-functioning to the end of his life?

What do you think of such a long life?

marymary100 - 3-5-2017 at 22:55

I would not want to outlive my family and friends. It would be interesting to live through so much history however and see the changes which had happened.

JackInCT - 3-5-2017 at 23:01

Originally posted by scholar
I wonder--was he still alert and well-functioning to the end of his life?

Yes that is to some, but not all, the ultimate question.

If he wasn't, all the many, many questions around assisted suicide still remain largely unresolved with legislation on the matter only in place in a relatively small number of nations.

The many cracks/failings in the criminal justice system reflect what ordinary people fear would also happen with assisted suicide if the courts/panels/whatever were created to deal with individual requests for "permission".

LSemmens - 4-5-2017 at 06:06

I fully intend to crack the ton, and then live even longer. I am already a problem to my kids, the grand kids are rapidly coming on. Even the great grandchildren are starting to get to the stage where I can be a problem to them. Can't wait harrass their children :D

John_Little - 4-5-2017 at 06:56

I suppose it depends on your quality of life and your fear of death. I don't suppose the who regret not dying before they got old. Unlike some music lovers.

Katzy - 4-5-2017 at 10:33

I seem to be having a time where friends and family are popping off and the realisation that I'm probably next is actually doing my head in, to be honest.

John_Little - 4-5-2017 at 13:13

It's four funerals and one wedding these days.