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Printer paper jam, door open error message
scholar - 30-4-2017 at 23:28

While attempting to print a document, I had a serious paper jam--the paper didn't just go a little askew, it wrinkled up as the first part of the paper did not come out and the latter part kept advancing for a bit.

I gently pulled it out, but I have not been able to print anything since. I get a message saying that there was an error printing (when nothing has printed), and I sometimes get a message box with picture that says the lid of the printer is open. I'm sure that one, with the picture, is from hp software.

I have tried reclosing the lid, tapping on it, and poking around a little with a nail (to see if there is something that needs to move in the hole into which a sort of latch goes). No luck so far.

I generally like the printer, and it was still giving me good service, before the paper jam.

What can I do?

Isn't one of our computer brainiacs an expert at fixing printer problems?

John_Little - 1-5-2017 at 07:00

Switch it off and on again. Sounds glib but it might spew out a bit of missed paper. It could be a bit of paper holding open a flap somewhere.

marymary100 - 1-5-2017 at 08:34

Originally posted by John_Little
Switch it off and on again. Sounds glib but it might spew out a bit of missed paper. It could be a bit of paper holding open a flap somewhere.

Most printers I have used have both front and rear doors which can be opened to access jams/change ink etc. After switching on and off open both and make sure there isn't a scrap of paper which is being read by the printer and once everything is back in place give doors a firm press into place.

LSemmens - 1-5-2017 at 10:35

Make and model of printer would help. Did you actually get ALL of the paper out?

JackInCT - 1-5-2017 at 14:12

when all else fails, there is always tech support for your printer and most manufacturers have toll free numbers. It's a roll of the dice as to whether they will provide support if your printer's warranty has expired, but since the call is free, see what happens.

Katzy - 1-5-2017 at 19:42

[bad img]http://33.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lo0tuqXJF41qb7nmoo1_250.gif[/bad img]


scholar - 1-5-2017 at 23:42

Originally posted by Katzy
[bad img]http://33.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lo0tuqXJF41qb7nmoo1_250.gif[/bad img]


Are you telling me to set fire to it?scared_stiff

I don't think that will help it to work.

Katzy - 2-5-2017 at 09:56

It'd be phun, though, don't you think? ;)

With an old Epson I once had, I had to dismantle the entire thing to free some stuck paper and it was only a teeny weeny bit that'd got stuck.

I now have a Canon.

John_Little - 2-5-2017 at 15:06

That would dismantle it quicker but not sure you'd be able to put it back together if the ball hit it head on.

Katzy - 2-5-2017 at 17:16

**Titter** :D

scholar - 3-5-2017 at 20:51

My son got it working again, and tested it a few times (open lid again, close lid, see if it still works, etc.). It worked like a champ for him.kewl_glasses:D:D:D

LSemmens - 4-5-2017 at 06:02

Tongue must be firmly planted correctly, if not it ain't gonna happen.