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iPods and new computers
John_Little - 25-2-2015 at 13:49

We have just bought a new laptop with the specific aim of using it for music in one form or another. All our music is stored on Theresa's 160gb iPod classic with nearly 40,000 tracks that we have built up over the years.

Anyone who knows iTunes will also know how precious they are about their stuff and how bloody minded they are when it comes to trying to move stuff from one computer to another. We did it before using Sharepod. The early versions of this - up to 3.9.9 are a free download and it worked wonderfully on our XP computers and then on the Windows 7. But when we tried to use it on our new Windows 8 laptop we had problems.

so I found and uploaded a version 4. This had a proper installation programme and during this, it warned me that I did not have quicktime loaded on the new laptop. I started Sharepod off and it immediately crashed. So, I downloaded and installed quicktime and tried again. This time it worked but it wanted me to buy a license to transfer more than 50 tracks.

So, I figured that since I had installed quicktime, that may fix the problem with the free 3.9.9 version and downloaded it again and it worked!

I am now in the slow process of backing up our iPod onto the new laptop. I'm expecting it to take a few hours so watch this space.

When its finished, I'll post the error code just in case anyone here has a similar problem.

Quaver - 25-2-2015 at 13:57

I bought a new Windows 8.1 laptop on Tuesday.
I was using Windows XP (have used dad's Vista and hubby's Windows 7) so the learning curve is hugeredface

iTunes? Glad I don't have iPods or iPhones:D

LSemmens - 26-2-2015 at 00:11

It's possible, and not too hard I think that this is probably the best description of how to do it.

John_Little - 26-2-2015 at 10:38

All done. Took 5 hours to back up the iPod onto the new computer and then another half an hour for the new iTunes to load them into the library.

In the meantime, I got a reply back from the sharepod support people.

To give them their due, they did provide me with a swift, personal and helpful reply. But remember that the "cure" was simply to download Quicktime:-

John wrote:

How can we cure this error message when loading ipod?

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at SharePodLib.IPod..ctor(DeviceFileSystem A_0, IPodLoada_ction A_1)
at SharePodLib.IPod.GetConnectedIPod(IPodLoadAction action)
at o.a()

Hi John,

Our company, Macroplant, acquired Sharepod in April 2013, and we developed an entirely new version of Sharepod, rebuilt from the ground up which fixes that issue and many others. You can download Sharepod 4 from this page:


Let me know if you still experience the same issue with Sharepod 4. We strongly recommend using version 4 instead of previous versions to avoid dataloss and bricking of your device. We also no longer support any versions before 4.

Or, if you are looking to do even more with your iDevice, feel free to check out our iExplorer app which is packed with more features:




Macroplant Support Specialist

FEB 25, 2015 | 04:58AM CST