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How is it done ??
charles - 24-2-2015 at 16:01

When a message is posted on the PC of some fault or other how does one copy that to post on here on PC help for people's perusal ?

LSemmens - 24-2-2015 at 23:55

I generally use the old cut and paste method unless it is a picture then It gets al little more complex.

This might give you some idea as to how to embed some stuff.

Quaver - 25-2-2015 at 12:48

There's a print screen button on the keyboard for screen captures.
Or do what my sister does, take a photo on the phone and post that:D

victor - 25-2-2015 at 18:27

I use Irfanview in conjunction with print screen, it let's you draw a box around anything on screen transfer it to Irfanview then use it as you wish. I use two monitors so can drag and drop certain things from screen to Irfanview.
As Quaver says a camera can be useful have used it a few times.

charles - 25-2-2015 at 18:35

Allu sounds very complicated to me...confused2confused2confused2

sceptre - 26-2-2015 at 19:49

Most windows based computers from recent years will already come with "Snipping Tool" loaded , (All programmes / search/snipping tool)
The main problem with just using the keyboard printscreen button is the low image quality making it difficult to read .

Here's it in use using part of KF's FAQ

Katzy - 26-2-2015 at 22:14

If you like, Charles, I have an old abandonware Paint program which has a "Capture screen" option. It captures the screen into the Paint program, so that you can edit it, before you save it, if you need to.