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Annoying during playback
frojas - 28-12-2014 at 22:35

Hi dear friends,

In addition to the problem on Recovery Management posted eqrlier, I have another, perhaps easier.
My computer is another Acer (by accident) is a Desktop Win 7, model AX 3910. The problem is that there is a noise during playback of any nature. The noise is intermittent and lasts for about 10/15 second each time, I must clarify that the playback continues in the background.
I would appreciate your recommendations to solve the problem.

LSemmens - 29-12-2014 at 01:57

The type of noise may give us some more idea where to look. My media server, f'rinstace makes a horrible bussing sound when I first put a DVD in the drive to play. (It is to do with the location, angle and drive mount in my case - so the noise is purely mechanical). Is the noise only when playing a particular type of file? From DVD/CD, from HDD, or online? Do the system sounds produce the same effect? What does the noise sound like?

Katzy - 29-12-2014 at 11:35

Might help to know what program you're using, for the playback, too. Or, is it with any program?

waffler - 31-12-2014 at 05:12

Is it when you play a dvd / cd or something on web ie you tubeconfused2confused2confused2