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Networking Woes.
LSemmens - 19-11-2014 at 12:33

I have no Idea what has happened but I can no longer see any computers on my home network.
The modem/router shows all machines as connected. The setup is as follows

Wife (XP) ---------------------------------modem/router
Lappy (Linux) wifi --------------------------------^
Office (Linux) --------------------------------------^
Media Server (W7) ------------------router----^
Other networked devices-------------^

The best I can get is the Lappy to see the workgroup which, then asks for a password, but it never accepts it and I can not see any other computers on the network.

None of the other machines can see any of the others. They were all working fine until recently, and I am at a loss to determine how anything major changed. The only real change was installing Linux on the Lappy. Nothing has changed on any of the computers on the network. Previously the Media server was visible across the whole network with the appropriate shares, the XP machine also has shares set up and the office machine had the printer shared, now I can see nothing. When I initially put Linux on the lappy It could see everything as it should, but now NOTHING is visible ANYWHERE!!!!

Any suggestions from you networking gurus?

waffler - 19-11-2014 at 12:57

Not one of my better subjects :(

LSemmens - 20-11-2014 at 10:24

I just re-installed W7 on my lappy because linux was not playing well and I did not have the time to "tickle it" into place, which, sadly is too true of most Linux flavours. All windoze computers are suddenly visible again. All I need do now is re-install Windoze on my print server and all will be happy again. Oh well, one month is the longest Linux has survived on any of my machines. The only OS that has lasted less than one day was Vista!