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Just another issue
delanti - 19-9-2014 at 18:13

When I got home nothing worked right. My TV remote had to be reprogrammed, my blood sugar meter the same way. I could not log into either of my email accounts or to Ebay.

I have an external notebook hard drive on USB that worked fine when I left but is not now. Checking it out it does not show up in my drives. Looking at properties I find this information but not sure what it means or if there is a solution.

Katzy - 19-9-2014 at 21:14

Had a strong magnet around? ;)

I suspect the USB drive's toast. :(

You could try going to Device Manager. Uninstall everything "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" and reboot, to reinstall them.

delanti - 20-9-2014 at 00:45

I have 2 USB printers and they are working OK. Wish I had another operating PC to try the external drive on. Darn.:(

LSemmens - 20-9-2014 at 02:53

What about trying a restart. Windows may have had a hissy fit.

delanti - 20-9-2014 at 20:40

I have restarted several times but that did not sort it. I got to thinking however so I went to device mgr. and disabled it. I shut down the pc and disconnected the drive. Rebooted then shut down again and connected drive and booted up and there it is big as day. Thanks for the suggestions and jogging the brain cells into activity again.waveysmiley

scholar - 21-9-2014 at 00:38

Having several problems with electronics at the same time reminds me that I read about some kind of solar eruption that reportedly could effect the earth (e.g. it would make the Northern Lights brighter, and visible at lower latitudes). And, extreme solar effects have been known to cause problems, possibly with electronics. But, I read that several days ago, so I don't know if the condition is still happening.

LSemmens - 21-9-2014 at 01:22

People are well aware of the effects of electro-magnetic interference from solar storms, nuclear bombs, etc and much of today's equipment is largely shielded from those effects. Mission critical stuff like that used in the military has generally been immune for years. It may affect radio communications and similar things that rely on atmospheric (loose terminology here) transmission, but that is only the signal, not the equipment.