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"java update available"
scholar - 13-9-2014 at 07:08

"Java Update Available" now appears on Ruby's Windows XP machine when I move the cursor over an icon on the toolbar which has an orange square with a white cup of steaming coffee on it.

I wonder about clicking on such things, in case I am inviting trouble.

Can I click on it with confidence?

LSemmens - 13-9-2014 at 08:48

If it looks like a Java update, smells like a Java update, and tastes like a Java Update, then perhaps it is a Java update. If you are not sure, go to the website directly and download the update from there.

scholar - 13-9-2014 at 10:04

I have put my cursor over the icon, at which point I get a menu that includes "Install." I clicked on that, and I don't know if anything happened.

marymary100 - 13-9-2014 at 10:20

One caveat to that is that pop=ups claiming to be Java aren't always so. The one and only time I had malware was when I clicked on a "Java" update and I was on XP at the time. If not for Pancake I would have lost everything.

John Barnes - 13-9-2014 at 11:55

Curiosity killed the cat

Katzy - 13-9-2014 at 16:27

Java does have an updater. But, to be certain, you could simply get this:


Avast has a software updater, which is kinda handy, that watched things, like Java. Avast often tells me about updates before the actual programs do.

scholar - 13-9-2014 at 17:47

Well, I did click the "install," and I can't tell that anything happened. Perhaps I need to restart the computer for it to take effect?

Katzy - 13-9-2014 at 18:27

If you run IE (SPIT!), go to the "Tools" menu and select "Manage addons". In the new window, click on the Java entry/entries, click on the Java items and you'll see details. It should be v8.9.200.26.

scholar - 13-9-2014 at 22:00

I don't run IE. My browser is Mozilla, and Ruby's is Opera.

Could it be that it is IE, which we don't use, that is lacking recent java? Then, I wouldn't notice a difference.

Katzy - 14-9-2014 at 15:05

Java is just "There". C:Program filesJava (C:Program Files (x86)Java if you use a 64-bit OS).

All browsers can use it. If you check the version that IE's using, that'll be the version that other browsers are using, too. it's not like FlashPlayer, where you need to install an IE version and a version for Firefox/Opera/&c.