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Libre Office Suite
Nimuae - 13-7-2014 at 15:13

I have bought a laptop which I want to use purely for writing projects. It is set to work on Windows8 - which does not play nicely with my existing Microsoft Office.

So I have set it up with Libre Office Suite - which I am learning to like as it is so similar to MO - apart from one thing.

In MO if I type a story that runs for several pages - there is a 'go to' option on the edit menu that takes me to the last typed page.

I cannot find any equivalent option in Libre at all. I have just uploaded my novel - which is currently 700+ pages long and it is a nightmare to have to sit with my finger on the 'page down' button each time I want write some more.

Anyone out there know the answer please?

LSemmens - 13-7-2014 at 15:30

press <F5> It will open the "navigator" which should allow you to go to any page you so desire. The same is true in Werd. waveysmiley

Nimuae - 13-7-2014 at 19:12

F5 didn't do it - but I found that double clicking on the page numbering on the task bar (i.e. page 1/700) woke up the navigator - Thanks Leigh.

marymary100 - 13-7-2014 at 19:30

That's helpful. :) I use Libre on this laptop.

scholar - 13-7-2014 at 22:24

Ruby has Libre on her machine as well.

I like Open Office, largely because I have used it more.

LSemmens - 15-7-2014 at 00:36

Strange it worked in Libre on a Linux machine that I was using, also in Open Office on this (Windoze) machine.