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How to ask Questions - the smart way
LSemmens - 9-7-2014 at 14:54

I've been browsing around the web attempting to determine a good development environment for a front end for a mysql database and came across this article which explains How to ask Questions - the smart way, exactly what the name suggests. A very informative, and interesting read.

scholar - 10-7-2014 at 00:59

Might I suggest there is also a direct opposite to this approach, namely, The Stupid Question, which I describe this way:

A truly Stupid Question is literally not worth asking, because the answer yields no information whatsoever. These would be questions in which the same answer will be given in either of the two cases of which you are trying to determine the true one.


Asking the alcoholic, "Have you been drinking?" If he has not been drinking, he will answer "No." But, if he has been drinking, he will likely still answer "No."

Asking a thief, "Did you steal from me?" If he did not, he will answer "No." And, if he did, he will answer "No."

marymary100 - 10-7-2014 at 01:32

Google is your friend ;)

Katzy - 10-7-2014 at 08:57

I'm gonna post that on the SMF support boards. :D

LSemmens - 10-7-2014 at 23:10

I thought it was very good, Katzy.:)

Katzy - 11-7-2014 at 09:06

Me, too.

You'd despair, at some of the posts we get.

LSemmens - 13-7-2014 at 01:38

Not at all, not much different to some of the "help" requests we get get here. I suppose, at least, google gets a "rest". ;)