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Networking question
LSemmens - 30-3-2014 at 12:13

My home network consists of several machines either running Windoze 7 or XP. I can share stuff without too much difficulty. So far, so good.
Now to the question.

I have one drive on my file server that all I want to do is share with just my laptop. As my server and lappy both run windows 7 I could set up a workgroup, but, from past experience, the XP machines then cannot see the server.

The "easiest" solution, you'd think, would be to set up the server on Linux, but that, in itself causes far more grief than I have time to muck around with. nVidia being the major culprit here.

All of my machines currently use the same username password combo for simplicity. Would it be as simple as just setting up another account on both server and lappy? Can I set it up to just ask for a password when I want to access it?