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PS question
delanti - 10-3-2014 at 17:18

My home PC died this weekend. I was burning a CD when I walked by and noticed it was off. No power, tried different cord direct to outlet and nothing so quite sure it is the PS.

My question is this. I have an external HD on USB and wonder if I can unplug it without loosing it or should I leave it plugged in and replace the PS and bring it back up. In the past I unplugged an external HD and could not get it back. It was so long ago I don't remember if I unplugged it when the PC was on or off though. It has all my years of genealogy and family tree on it and I sure don't want to loose all that. confused2

LSemmens - 10-3-2014 at 21:17

Since the power is already off, it makes no difference, so unplug it. The only time HDDs get badly corrupted is if there are delayed writes happening when unplugged.

waffler - 11-3-2014 at 01:34

I agree with LS :)