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Interesting question for Excel and VBA
LSemmens - 18-2-2014 at 07:22

I posted a question here. If you need more in depth help with Excel or Access than we can provide, could be a good stop. Rather than repeating the same. If you know anything about UDFs and returning values in VBA, please have a look. I am currently stumped.

JackInCT - 18-2-2014 at 22:08

As a long term (20 + years) of using Excel/Word, I offer up the following: there are, almost, literally an infinite number of sites offering free help with Excel/Word. For the technically ignorant such as myself, it boils down to a trial and error approach of finding sites where the contributer(s) knows of whence they speak. The problem is further compounded by the end user's choice of words in a search engine, i. e., what kinds of hits you wind up with. Often rephrasing the search words is a part of the time consuming nature of finding a solution. And of course there are multiple versions of Excel/Word, i. e., what works (solution) will in large measure depend on the end user's version. I find that the later versions of Excel/Word (MS Office 2007/2010/2013) have more hits, i. e., more end user contributers to solutions. IMO Excel/Word are very sophisticated programs, and someone/somewhere has had the identical problem that you're working on, and found/created a solution. There are many sites that have end user created VBA code for a problem's solutions (the so called power users crowd). IF you are willing to put in what could turn out to be a great deal of time, a solution will eventually be found.

LSemmens - 19-2-2014 at 02:55

Problem solved with some minor coding changes. The minor changes allowed me to make numerous other subroutines redundant. KISS is my catchphrase when programming, so I was very happy.