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Changing from one gmail user to another on Chrome
scholar - 19-1-2014 at 01:50

My wife and I keep our e-mail accounts, cookies, browser history, etc. separate on her computer by using different browsers. I use Firefox, and she uses Chrome.

A son staying with us closed her g-mail tab on Chrome, and then signed in on his g-mail account. After his tab was closed (he says that he also signed out), Ruby tried to get her g-mail back on, but Chrome again lists the son's g-mail entries.

How can I get Ruby's own g-mail page back on her Chrome browser?

scholar - 19-1-2014 at 01:53

[Quaver is on the list right now. She may be my best hope for a speedy solution.greengrin]

scholar - 19-1-2014 at 03:53

A friend on the phone set me on the right path to do it.


sceptre - 19-1-2014 at 21:02

With a fairly recent change from Gmail signing you into all services (mail , G+ , youtube etc.) it's a pita as the default is to stay signed in unless you untick the box .
If the default is accidently used , regardless of browser clear the cookies and form data etc.
Strictly speaking it would be better to use different user accounts for the pc than browsers .

scholar - 19-1-2014 at 21:26

Thank you, Sceptre.

My wife and I each leave our browsers on at the same time so that we don't have the delay of logging out as one user and logging in as the other user, then opening the browser and waiting for the browser window tabs to load. Whoever is using the computer just enlarges their own and shrinks the one they don't wish to view.

This computer (hers) was assembled on a motherboard that is some years old (but not as old as mine). It may be that the delay would be more acceptable with a newer, faster system.

LSemmens - 20-1-2014 at 10:54

That is a load of bunk, Scholar! I run all sorts of machines from windoze 7 all the way back to XP, from cold start to "ready to work" is, at most. 2 minutes! You waste more time than that picking your nose each day! If you can't wait, go and make a brew to drink whilst you are browsing.