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victor - 29-5-2012 at 21:29

I use Serviio Console to stream video and photos to my Panasonic TV. All was working well until Spybot came up saying that a file was a threat asking if I wanted to remove it so I did, since then when ever I boot the computer or try to open Serviio I get a message "an internal error has occurred (error code 7)".
I have tried uninstalling Serviio then reinstalling it but to no avail
is there any way of retrieving the file or finding out what it was or does?

victor - 29-5-2012 at 22:18

Further to the above I have discovered in the Spybot resident log
19/05/2012 17:21:12 Allowed (based on user decision) value "C:Program FilesServiiobinServiioService.exe" (new data: "") deleted in Firewall Authorized Applications!
Could this be the reason and if so how would I go about rectifying it?

crikey - 29-5-2012 at 22:19

It might be that Spybot had (erroneously) identified one of Serviio's files as a threat and, after you OK'd to remove it, Spybot still has that file somewhere in its database and so recognises and stops it each time you run Serviio, including the latest install you did.

I would try uninstalling Spybot and try Serviio again. If it works, you could reinstall Spybot but, this time, when/if the threat warning comes up, click to ignore it. Might be a good idea to note down the full file name of the threat when it appears, just in case you need to do further investigations.

crikey - 29-5-2012 at 22:22

Sorry, Victor - your second post crossed with mine. Not sure that's the cause, though - that log entry says "Allowed"?

victor - 29-5-2012 at 22:34

You could on the right track there crikey ,just had a search on Serviio Forum and found someone who had a problem with Spybot so as you suggest will try uninstalling it and give it another try.
Bit late now so will give it a go tomorrow been a long day.