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Just in case
Pancake - 4-5-2011 at 23:20

Just in case you have any malware problems you ca'nt solve and as I will be away for the rest of the month hop over and see the team at http://www.pchelpforum.com/new-hijackthis-logs/ They will help. ;)

Quaver - 5-5-2011 at 09:52

Thanks Pancakewaveysmiley

LSemmens - 5-5-2011 at 13:47

Good on ya mate, where are you off to, or is it a secret?

Pancake - 5-5-2011 at 21:18

Over to W.A

scholar - 6-5-2011 at 03:49

Thank you, Pancake. You are highly valued here.

giron - 6-5-2011 at 09:41

You haven't broken your PC again, have you ? :o

LSemmens - 6-5-2011 at 14:21

flying or driving?