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Windows x 2 ???
frojas - 13-7-2008 at 12:20

Hello to all members, I have not been around for while......Supreme Congratulations to the staff for the site's new view, simply..EXCELLENT!

Now my problem. The patient is an HP Pavillion Desktop a624x, about 3 years old with WXP. Because of multiple problems I decided to use the Recovery Console to install a fresh copy of WXP. To make the story short, now the patient is working but I have the original Windows in C and a copy in D which is a partition in the HD for backups.

I have been unable to make a restore to an earlier date and the Windows updates are not accepted.

I need to uninstall the Windows in D. Your recommendations to make it happen are appreciated. Should I format the HD? if so, give me some guidelines. Thank you and enjoy your Sunday!!

LSemmens - 13-7-2008 at 14:15

Hi, frojas, if you've re-installed Windoze onto your C: drive then, unless there is something on the D: drive that you need, you can just delete the whole lot either by dragging to the recycle bin or Formatting the D: drive.

If you want to format just open "My Computer" Right Click on the D: drive and select "Format", answer the questions as appropriate and away you go.

As for "System Restore": As you re-installed your OS, there are no restore points set. Any settings prior to your re-load are gone. For that fact, any data, if you opted to perform a re-format as part of the re-load , will also be history! Sorry.

Dreamweaver - 13-7-2008 at 14:37

Thank You for your kind comments Frojas. flowers_kf

Moved to PC help to optimise answers. :)

frojas - 13-7-2008 at 23:18

Thank you LSemmens for your recommendations, unfortunately I have tried both without success, the dragging to the Recycle Bin did not work, I tried to format the drive several times but at end I got a message saying that "format to drive D was not completed"

Any other suggestion??

Thank you and best regards,

KOUROSH - 14-7-2008 at 20:23

Frojas you can not drag window xp to recycle bin and expect it to be deleted.

try download the cute partitioning manager then try to format the partition D using the partitioning manager assuming partition D is not your active drive , cute program second down


secondly formatting is a very slow process particularly you are formatting the second partition so be patient and do not expect it to go like concord.

Recovery consul is for recovery and not for installing fresh window, i do not think you have sorted your problem all you have done is you have installed fresh window in D partition and C drive is still corrupt and your active drive is D and not C.

there is no restore for the simple reason you have just installed fresh window in partition D (this is what i think i hope i am not wrong)

good luck

Katzy - 15-7-2008 at 19:54

The way I'd do it, myself, (If I've understood all this correctly) is go to "Administrative tools">"Computer management">"Disk management">Right-click on the drive you want to blatt and select "Format...".

You might well just get the same error, though.

If the error persists, I'd boot the XP CD and pretend I was going to install XP to the drive to be formatted. After it does the formatting drive thing, I'd cancel the install.

Make sure you blatt the right drive, though.

Or, I'd boot from a certan "Boot CD" that I can't mention, here. That'd do it, for certain.

KOUROSH - 15-7-2008 at 20:20

Katzy suggestion should be the last resort, if he installs and runs the partition manager formatting should not be a problem, currently he has two window , one corrupted and no partitioning manager, no wonder why his windows are confused smokin: lets see what daz has to say :(

Daz - 16-7-2008 at 00:00

Are we 100% sure that the Windows folder in use is on C:, and the old one is on D:...? (I can't remember for sure, but doesn't Windows rename the second Windows directory slightly, if it finds an existing Windows folder during install...I seem to recall it does...?)

I'm just wondering if the actual reason the D:Windows can't be deleted is because it's actually that one in use...? (Just thinking aloud here)

Can the folder be deleted in Safe Mode...?

TBH though, if there is nothing of importance on either C: or D:, (or things can be backed up easily, and competently) I would forget the hassle, and format both drives, via the XP disc, and install a fresh version of Windows on the desired drive.

If that's not an option, then Kats advice might be an option... There is a free, legal, Boot CD, that will do the job. It's called UBCD4Win


Formatting a drive, or partition will destroy all data contained on it. So, if you have anything on either drive or partition, it MUST be backed up to seperate location, otherwise your data will be lost...! This includes, Photo's, Music, Files/folders, Favourites, e-mails, Documents, Serial Numbers/Passwords, and other other bits that may be important to you/your computing experience....!

</Disclaimer> ;)

KOUROSH - 16-7-2008 at 05:08

i totally agree with daz, you have two windows, in which one of them is corrupt, this will give you nothing other than headache your best option in the long run is format the whole disc and then a fresh window. (Back up all of your data including bookmarks, before you format your HDD) what si what...etc does not sort your prob save yourself time and go for complete HDD format good luck

Katzy - 16-7-2008 at 14:48

It's all a bit messy, innit?

I almost asked for details of what folders are in "Docs and settings", but held back, in case of confusion.

If there's just All Users, Default user, <username>, Local service and NetworkService, we'd be OK.

I'm kinda expecting renamed duplicates, though, with, perhaps, the word "WINDOWS" attached.

KOUROSH - 16-7-2008 at 15:12

who does not go wobbly confused2

Katzy - 16-7-2008 at 18:09

At my age "Wobbly" is the norm. :D

frojas - 21-7-2008 at 21:59

Many thanks to LSemmens, Kourosh, Katzy and Daz for your comments and recommendations. Considering my sound ignorance in this kind of issues I believe I have made good progress during the weekend. I must say that I have tried allmost all your suggestions, in some cases I was not able to make it happen but at the end I believe I have arrived to results.

In brief, the problem submitted was a corrupted Windows XP in C what I tried to solve it but I end up installing another Win XP in D and I did not know what to do with 2 Windows.

Finally I was able to format both drives. C with the CD which installed a fresh copy of WinXP in C. D was formatted as suggested by LSemmens at the beggining. So far the computer seems to be working OK but still at the bootting I get a message to select one of 2 Win which may me think that there are still 2 Win, both in C. I have formatted C with the CD but no results.

Any sugestion for this??

Katzy - 21-7-2008 at 22:25


In the root of your C: drive, you'll find a file named "boot.ini".

It's hidden, though, normally. (Pain in the a**e, that)

If you open Notepad and navigate to C:, then enter "boot.ini" in the "Filename" bit, it should open it.

If you paste it, here, we'll show you how it ought to be.

It SHOULD say something like

;Warning: Boot.ini is used on Windows XP and earlier operating systems.
;Warning: Use BCDEDIT.exe to modify Windows Vista boot options.
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)WINDOWS="Windows XP Home Edition" /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN /FASTDETECT

Most likely, yours will show both operating systems and one will have to be reomved.

Daz - 21-7-2008 at 22:37


Should show you what you need to do...



Oops... Kat beat me too it...!

LSemmens - 22-7-2008 at 13:05

Katzy's suggestion will work fine, as long as you know which one to blat. Personally, I've no problem there, but Daz's links may actually be a saffer option for the novice.

frojas - 1-8-2008 at 01:10

Thank you very much again and again, it did work!!...the computer seems to be working as brand new except for a new problem. Because of unknown reasons for me, now the system is not recognizing certain devices specifically the Network Adapter which allows the internet.

I have done several simple attempts to fix this issue (i.e. add hardware, network set up wizard, network connections) but so far I have been unsuccesful, may be you have the key ingredient to solve this mess?

Best regards and thank you very much!!

Daz - 1-8-2008 at 02:21

All Drivers here

LAN Drivers here (It looks quite old, surprising XP didn't install automatically TBH, as it looks like a standard Realtek/RTL driver...?)

This assumes of course that you're using the original LAN port on the PC's motherboard, and not one that's been added at a later date... (Though XP is pretty good finding generic drivers for LAN cards anyway.)

Though, thinking about it, it might also be wise re-installing the chipset drivers too.

And if you still have problems, it might be worth checking for updated drivers. (They do look a bit old now on that HP page) Visit Intel, Realtek etc and find drivers suitable for your hardware.

frojas - 2-8-2008 at 18:48

Thank you Daz for your recommendation, unfortunalely I continue with the problem. I have tried several drivers but the problem persists, I get a message of "limited or no connectivity".

I have checked the cable using my laptop and the internet works so the problem is not the cable. I have also tried the XP CD to set up a home network.

Any suggestion?? Thank you for your time!

Daz - 2-8-2008 at 20:16

Originally posted by frojas
Thank you Daz for your recommendation, unfortunalely I continue with the problem. I have tried several drivers but the problem persists, I get a message of "limited or no connectivity".

I have checked the cable using my laptop and the internet works so the problem is not the cable. I have also tried the XP CD to set up a home network.

Any suggestion?? Thank you for your time!

Are you connected to a router, or directly to the modem...?

Have you set up a static ip at some point..?

This error sometimes occurs when there is an ip conflict. (However a reboot of the equipment usually sorts it TBH)

Katzy - 2-8-2008 at 20:48

It MIGHT just pay you to go to Device Manager and uninstall the router/modem.

When you reboot, it should find it and reinstall it.

I've had that work, quite a few times.

frojas - 2-8-2008 at 21:49

Answers to your questions:
- Yes, the computer is being connected to a router. As a matter of fact I am using a cable modem.
- Sorry, I don't know the answer because I don't know what is a static ip. Could you explain.


I will try your suggestion

Thank you to both of you!

frojas - 2-8-2008 at 22:48

Dear Katzy, sorry this time it did not work, may be you have other alternatives??

Daz - 2-8-2008 at 23:10

Try this..

Turn off Modem.

Turn off Router.

Disable, and then enable LAN in XP. (Control Panel, Network) When it's been re-enabled, it *should* just have the red X through it, and say disconnected.

Turn off PC.

Turn on Modem. Wait a minute or two for it re-establish itself.

Turn on Router.

Turn on PC...

This is just one fix, but it should work...

frojas - 6-8-2008 at 00:31

Hi Daz, thank you very much for your time and consideration....the HP IS WORKING!!!! almost AS brand new thanks to the recommendations coming from you and other members..thank you to all of you, too.

The HP is now alive but I need a couple more suggestions. It happens that I have another computer, this is a Dell desktop, it had similar problems as the HP so I formatted and reinstall WIN XP. The problem is that now it works smoothly but it has a similar situation as the HP, the internet is not working. I have made different attempts including your last suggestion but none had worked. As I see it, the system is not recognizing the Ethernet Comptroller and therefore, may be you have a magic fix?

LSemmens - 7-8-2008 at 14:23

Are both PCs working through the same router? What firewall are you running? Are your IP addies on each machine static or dynamic? Has your firewall been set to allow those IPs through? That'll do for now.

Daz - 7-8-2008 at 19:12

Does look to be a Router issue from here.... (Easy from here, eh!) lol ;)

Leigh's questions are spot on, and for me, his first question, at the moment could be the most important...