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lcd light
awaydays - 27-5-2008 at 19:20

Hello all waveysmiley
What does it mean when the light on the cylinder symbol on the front of the tower is constant red , pure novice when it comes to the old pc .
Any help would be great


giron - 27-5-2008 at 19:42

Normally, this would indicate activity on the hard drive.

You will notice it when the PC starts up and when files are being read or written to.

It's nothing to worry about, unless it continues for a long time, which might indicate a problem, such as a virus.

awaydays - 27-5-2008 at 19:53

Hi giron cheers for a quick reply , the main problem is it wont allow me to connect to the internet , so now am thinking it could be a virus , any idea on how i can see if i have a virus.

giron - 27-5-2008 at 20:03

First of all, I'd check the available free space on the hard drive.

Also, can you please post some details of the PC's specifications?

Has it got any anti virus software installed, more importantly, is it kept up to date?

LSemmens - 28-5-2008 at 14:31

Hi, awaydays, I did say welcome in your "hello" thread, but welcome anyway. Have a read here: http://www.karlsforums.com/forums/viewthread.php?tid=34905 which may give you some things to work on and may resolve some of your isssues, too. As giron has said, we will need some more information to give you meaningful help.

Typically it is always wise to provide a machine spec, i.e. brand an model number is a good start or a complete spec like AMD 3000+ on Gigabyte Mobo, 1Gb Ram, ATI sapphire 256MB AGP, 250Mb HDD, Windoze XP Pro SP 3. Along with your security, e.g. ZoneAlarm, AVG free, Spybot, AdAware, etc. Then a comprehensive description of the problem and any error messages that might pop up. (the exact text of the message is extremely useful). Followed by a brief overview of what you've attempted to rectify the problem.

I hope this doesn't sound too complicated, as all I am trying to do is to help fix your box in the shortest period of time.

Katzy - 28-5-2008 at 20:50

Another thing to try.

Hit ctrl-alt-del, so that task manager pops-up.

Click the "Processes" tab and check-out the CPU column.

Don't worry about "System idle". That's always high. Is anything else showing much higher than 10?