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interior design
mikey-foci - 30-1-2008 at 20:34

Is there any programs which i can use to design my interior for my house and if there is a program for the external aswell?

Thanks in advance


Daz - 31-1-2008 at 00:43

In no particular order...

3D Home Architect Design

FloorPlan 3D Design Suite

Home Plan Pro

I have no idea if they will do exactly what you want, but they should get you looking in the right direction... (Via Google etc)

KOUROSH - 31-1-2008 at 19:01

Those prog suggested by DAZ are the type of prog you can use for designing house in 2 or 3 dimension (building or erecting) but they do not help in interior design in a sense interior design is a phrase which is used when we try to choose colour scheme. there is no such computer software for the simple reason at the end of the day you choose a colour for your room or exterior walls according to your taste.
you can use those prog in helping you by applying different colour to walls or ceiling and see how it might look before you apply but they will never tell you which one is the best..

Redwolf5150 - 31-1-2008 at 20:25

It has been my experience that only interior design program that will make a woman truly happy is a husband to move everything around several hundred times until she is happy.

That won't work in your case, alas.

I have seen programs that allow you to plot furniture locations and such at Best Buy, Staples and Office Max, to name a few stores. Can't for the life of me remember them though. (I had to come in early and do some hard mental labor at work on "recovery day" and I'm still trying to get my brain past the "Blue screen of Death" stage)


LSemmens - 1-2-2008 at 03:20

If all you are doing is attempting to work out room layouts, the simplest method is a sheet of graph paper and some cutouts in the same scale of the various pieces of furniture, I use a CAD program for that, but it's overkill really. Otherwise all of the above will work with the appropriate riders.