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MS Word help needed
Swish Checkley - 30-1-2008 at 14:51

How do I remove the 'track changes' option? There's nasty squiggles and comments all over my document that I don't need and don't want!
Please help! I'm using Office 2003 if that makes any difference.

LSemmens - 30-1-2008 at 14:56

Tools Options Uncheck Track Changes

Swish Checkley - 30-1-2008 at 15:05

OK, I'm in Tools, Options but can't find the Track Changes box on any of the tabs? confused2

craig1912 - 30-1-2008 at 15:14

Bring up the Reviewing toolbar (View- toolbars-reviewing)
Click on what looks like a brown torn bit of paper with a blue tick on it (accept changes)

LSemmens - 30-1-2008 at 15:21

I'm using Office 2007 and the interface bears no similarities with earlier versions of Office. I'm working from memory here. Next thing would be to search the Help file for "track Changes", I'm sure that will point you correctly.

Swish Checkley - 30-1-2008 at 15:26

Thanks Leigh and Craig, fixed it now :)

LSemmens - 30-1-2008 at 15:28

You are welcome.