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windows vista desktop
mikey-foci - 14-1-2008 at 13:41


I was just wondering is there anyway that i can set my desktop background so it changes the picture automatically like every 10seconds or show,

something like a slide show but for your background

Thanks in advance for all your help

Katzy - 14-1-2008 at 16:14

There sure is. Wimpwall.


Best of all, it's free.

It only changes the wallpaper on boot, though.

This one, which I used to use, does it at set intervals of your choice, if that's what floats your boat/


This, too, is free. (But a lot more fiddly)

Although neither say they're Vista Compatible, they are.

mikey-foci - 14-1-2008 at 18:32

thank you very much for all your help

mikey-foci - 14-1-2008 at 18:41

i just installed the wallpaperchanger one and it wont let me go into it, when i open it nothing happens and then comes up with program not responding

Katzy - 14-1-2008 at 22:05

How perfectly odd. I just installed it, here. It worked perfectly.

There are loads of similar programs about, though. Might be worth you looking here:


I'll have a ferret around, myself.

Katzy - 14-1-2008 at 22:07

Quite a few...


Not many seem to mention Vista, though. Not that I can blame them... :D

LSemmens - 15-1-2008 at 13:05

Great liitle toy! I am now enjoying it!