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i have an ram pblm
jack299 - 6-1-2008 at 05:06

im run my small business in usa
in which 8 system were running but in all systems loading is a main pblm pls tell me what will i do?

scholar - 6-1-2008 at 05:36

Welcome, Jack! :D

Your description of your problem is so brief that I am having trouble understanding it. May I try to say it back to you (what I think the meaning might be), and you can correct me or explain if I have not gotten it right?

You say you have a RAM problem. Do you know this by the starting-up procedure which tests RAM? (That would be at the very beginning when the computer is turned on, and words like "testing memory" appear with numbers that increase rapidly as the memory is tested.) RAM (Random Access Memory) is the name for the memory sets that the computer uses to store actively used information while it is running. If the test does not find all the memory sets to work, it might not work, or it might use only the memory sets that do work (if some do and some do not).

When you say 8 system were running, does that mean you have eight computers in your business, and all of them have problems loading? Is the problem that they take too long, or that they sometimes do not load properly? Are they separate, or are they networked together? (networked=connected to share information and stuff).

Do you know how much memory is in each computer? Can you tell us about the computers (make, model, speed)? Can you tell us what version of Windows you are using (such as XP Home, XP Pro, or some other version)?

Is that nature of your RAM problem that some of the RAM doesn't work, or is it some other kind of problem (if you know)? For example, you might be saying that the RAM size is not enough and you want advice about how to increase the RAM.

Please don't be put off by my many questions. People here will tell you I am one of the more wordy persons here. :D You may very well get your answer from someone here who is better than I at fixing computers. We have some excellent minds here.;)

If you aren't sure what you've got, we can help you get the computers to tell you stuff about the memory, speed, and so forth.

Again, welcome.waveysmiley

LSemmens - 6-1-2008 at 07:38

We need a lot more information Jack.

a) what OS are you running
b) You say you have 8 computers, are they all causing problems?
c) what is the exact wording of the error message?

Please try an give as much detail, and attempt to punctuate with capitalisation too, please as many of us do not use txt spk and may disregard your posts as too hard to follow. We want to help, so, please, help us.