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Katzy your help needed
KOUROSH - 24-12-2007 at 19:53

Katzy after i wrote my last reply i left my pc listening to internet tv
now i tried to open word to type letters suddenly it says MSworks is not a valid window 32 application . i immdeidaetly as you had suggested ran virus scan for the second time today the result was negative i am running a third virus scan to see if it can be found. i have downloaded hijack this and ran scan will hijack this be able to show the virus?? i have avg will be able to detect it????many thanks

KOUROSH - 24-12-2007 at 20:03

in year 2005 so many suffered the same fate as mine look at the link????????


Katzy - 24-12-2007 at 20:38

I gave up on AVG, some time ago.

I use Avira's "AntiVir", now.


I think you'd get better results if you run a good malware killer, now.

Something like this:


Another one I use is this:


Just install it, block everything and forget it, except for updating it, once a month.

If you want to do an online virus scan, Trend housecall's rather good.