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Newbie needing help
marcus01235oxon - 19-12-2007 at 11:10

I have got ahold of a pc. its a compaq presario sr1000 with 80gb hdd, 128mb nvidia fx5200 graphics card (AGP).

I've connected my monitor up via the card and powered up. The unit kicks in to life. Fans spinning etc. Nothing appears on the monitor. it remains in stand by. I can't connect to the onboard graphics as my monitor cable has a male end and the onboard port is a male port.

I took the hard drvie out and connected it to my working pc. I used it with slave settings. and i can see whats on it fine. I then re-booted the pc and selected to boot from the slave and got no where. nothing seem to happen. the monitor doesn't go in to standby though. It just has "_" on the screen flashing.

Any ideas??? Its probably something silly and i'm missing something.

I was going to try and install xp on to it, but couldn't find my validation key to try and install it straight to that drive, not sure whether i could do that to be honest either. Was having a stressful night trying.

Would taking the hard drive out of my old machine, and putting this new one in, and powering up with the xp disc work????

Daz - 19-12-2007 at 11:47

TBH, it could be any number of things... Power supply, (just because things light up and spin, doesn't mean the PSU is working propery) it could be the Graphics, it could be RAM (memory) problems, it could be CPU, or it could be a problem with the Mobo, (Motherboard).

Unless you've got access to parts you can swap out and test with, I think it "may" be difficult to get too far, and it may be better seeking a local PC repair guy.

You've confused me with your comment about the onboard VGA port... I think you are mixing up an onboard VGA with a Serial Port....? Any VGA will look the same, be it on a PCI/AGP/PCI-E seperate graphics card, or onboard with the the Mobo.

Obvious things to check first though, are that the RAM is seated properly, and not slightyl dislodged itself. (Be firm, but be careful!)

Check the GFX card is seated firmly.

Check all cables are firmly seated.

XP Home cannot be installed one more than one PC at a time. If you've lost your Serial Number, Magical Jelly Bean with find your SN on the system for you.

Unless the hardware is very similar, taking out your current HDD and putting it in the Compaq will cause all sorts of problems, and is not advised TBH. You'll more than likely get Blue screen after Blue screen.

Giving us the exact Compaq Model number would help us to help you too...

marcus01235oxon - 19-12-2007 at 12:13

Ok i'll try this tonight and get back to you. I must have got the serial confused with a vga port.

Can i install an operating system on to a different harddrive?

I was thinking of re-installing xp on to the hdd anyway. can i connect it up to my other pc and install on to it that way?

Topcat - 19-12-2007 at 13:42

Originally posted by marcus01235oxon
Ok i'll try this tonight and get back to you. I must have got the serial confused with a vga port.

Can i install an operating system on to a different harddrive?

I was thinking of re-installing xp on to the hdd anyway. can i connect it up to my other pc and install on to it that way?

Ypu can put any HDD you like into that machine and then install any flavour of Windows that you have to hand.

What you CANNOT do is install windows onto a HDD in another machine and then swap it to this machine, the reason for that not being workable, is the difference in all the Drivers on the motherboard(s).


LSemmens - 19-12-2007 at 15:29

If you install XP on your other system and then attempt to move that HDD over, at best, you might get a "blue screen" unless the systems are identical in spec. The "new" machine, does it give any beeps when you first turn the power on? These Beep codes can indicate what is happening as part of POST. Has the computer ever worked that you know of? i.e. have you seen it working recently? I'm wondering if your acquisition was as a purchase of a working box, or you've inherited someone elses problems. I am suspicious of the video card, but firstly I'd pop the lid and blow all the dust out, then I'd ensure that everything is plugged in properly and secure before starting again.

marcus01235oxon - 20-12-2007 at 21:29

I've popped the lid open and checked that the graphics card is in properly. No probs there, i've checked that the ram is seated properly, and there is no probs there.

I've booted it up and i didn't get any beeps. What i did notice was the processor fan kicked into life. The fan on the back of the machine kicked into life (didn't check the psu fan though).

There is a green light only on the front of the machine, and a green light on the board near where a cable plugs in. I tried to eject the dvd tray and nothing hapens. No noise/vibrations from the hdd seem to be taking place either.

The machine is Compaq Presario SR1119UK

the other details i got were:

HWBOM 0nb041100
System number PC342AA

Motherboard serial number 47mm8 x8445

dunno if thats of use.

I've not seen it working, it was given to me by an old work colleague who had no use for it.

Oh yeah, i found the XP key in the end. it was still stamped on the side of the machine. Should've looked there first.

LSemmens - 21-12-2007 at 10:58

Do you have another machine, or other parts, that you can use to "play swapsies" with? I'm suspicious of the video card as the monitor does not seem to wake up even though everything else appears to work. When it is first powered up, do you hear any beeps at all? Does the floppy drive light flash on and off? What about the HDD light? If you can't seem to open the CD drawer, then Power may also be an issue. Double check that all power cables are plugged in correctly (and in the right orientation). I'd even go so far as to remove the cables and plug them back in again, sometimes that is all that's needed. If all that passes and it still won't boot, we'll start removing components, but more on that later.