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Read this first !
Admin - 30-6-2002 at 14:45

The Subject Line is the first Important Step when Posting. To get the right attention and help, you should try to make it as relevant as you can.

Below is a guide, not a demand for content you could include for us to try to help you. :)

1. Good Description in the New Thread Title.

2. As accurate a description of the problem as you can provide.

3. Make and model of any hardware that may be relevant.

4. Any full and exact error messages that you receive.

5, Any recent hardware or software installs that may be relevant.

6. Version of Windows (or whatever else) you are using.

Make sure you post to the right forum, generally a pchelp problem will be in correct place in pchelp forum.

Help fellow contributers with feedback. Did the advice solve the problem etc ? etc follow-up.

We will try to help you, and you can increase that chance by providing as much information as you can. :)

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