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Gender identity
marymary100 - 7-4-2015 at 11:42

BBC article

Louis Theroux has done a programme about Transgender Kids

I tried to point my daughter towards things like Lego, bikes and building blocks but she always chose dolls, prams and cookers when we went to her playgroup.

I think all children should be encouraged to dress how they want and choose which toys they play with but the programme made me feel quite uncomfortable as the medication being taken by young children to prevent them having the "wrong sort of puberty" seemed to be forcing decisions on young people at a very early stage of development.

Are we torturing children when we force them to accept the gender they were assigned at birth?

Nimuae - 7-4-2015 at 14:10

Why, oh why, can we not just let our children enjoy being children!

Katzy - 7-4-2015 at 16:42


My father took the pee out of my brother, coz he wanted a dolly.

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LSemmens - 9-4-2015 at 13:17

My kids were all allowed to play with whatever toys they so chose as children. As long as their choices were appropriate ;)......

Seriously, they could play with what they desired, their toys were not "forced" on them, nor was their sexuality. I wonder if some of these "transgender" kids have problems with their sexual identity as they grow, only because their parents were so focussed upon it.

Quaver - 10-4-2015 at 12:58

I'm one of 3 sisters, but my parents bought us little cars, legos and water pistols. That was when I was around four.
Later on we had walkie talkies, remote controlled planes and a black pickup truck (not girly).

We also had cooking sets and dolls.

Perhaps they were strange:D

Dad said he used play with prams and dolls with his younger sister when he was young.
Nothing wrong with that, but... OK. Nothing wrong with that:)

LSemmens - 11-4-2015 at 01:56

Our daughter had to cope, she had three brothers...... That said, all her brothers were more competent in the kitchen and laundry than she at 10. Now they are all (but one) mummie and daddies of their own brood.

marymary100 - 13-4-2015 at 16:21

Zay's story