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Is this a good idea or not?
LSemmens - 26-3-2010 at 00:48

Young mum gives up child for a better life After having read the article, it has changed my view.

scholar - 26-3-2010 at 02:57

It says the young mother was drinking and using drugs for a time. I can certainly see how that would cause trouble in the life of a young mother.

It says she moved in with a family from church for a while. Wow! Not just any family would welcome someone into their home like that.

It sounds like a good idea in a difficult situation.

liz - 11-4-2010 at 00:00

Anyone have the links to the other 2 parts of the story?

marymary100 - 11-4-2010 at 00:17



LSemmens - 11-4-2010 at 13:19

Thanks Mary, I had forgotten all about this one.