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ADHD - learn to delay rewards
marymary100 - 1-9-2009 at 17:41

Professor Rubia who has researched ADHD said her work showed such children did have serious problems with understanding time and an inability to delay a reward.

"This is clearly a medical condition, but it isn't right to bring them up in a system where they never have to wait. You're not making it any better for them - this is something they can be helped to learn.

"I can see why parents might like it, but in the long term you are not doing the child any favours. This is a condition which we can improve, and learning to wait should be part of that process."


There are those who wish children with documented ADHD to be able to skip the queue in, for example, theme parks. This is the opposite view based on research.

What do you think?

Daz - 1-9-2009 at 22:21

Originally posted by marymary100

What do you think?

I see plenty of unruly kids, and CBB parents itching to use to this as their latest weapon... lips_sealed

LSemmens - 2-9-2009 at 13:07

Were I a kid now, I, too would have been diagnosed as ADHD! This observation was made by my sisters who are some years older than I. I learned, and, luckily, grew out of it. They are doing no-one any favours by allowing such children an easy ride. It's like training a child to go to the toilet. If your recognize the signs, you can "toilet train" a child when you like, except when you are not there! Guess who is trained. Participation in sports is another area that attempts to compensate for shortcomings. "we only want them to have fun", is the catch cry, kids are naturally competitive and letting them play where they "always win" is not teaching them about life! Life isn't fair.... get over it!