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Freeware Educational stuff
LSemmens - 3-7-2009 at 13:12

I'm going to give my six year old grand-daughter a 'puter for her birthday. What can you recommend for a seven year old that is entertaining and educational, too. The box will be running Windoze XP for now.

LSemmens - 4-7-2009 at 11:55

Bumpity bump, birthday is in two days. Anyone?

Daz - 4-7-2009 at 12:50

'Fraid not.

I just set up my little mans rig so he could access his videos, photos and music nice and easy. (Minimal shortcuts on the desktop etc) Made WMP the auto default for everything. (I ripped his CD/DVD's to the HDD)

I put his Roary The Racing Car online game nice and easy to access in FF as well, as well his Nickjr stuff...

He likes to use Paint, and Notepad too...

I believe, though may be wrong, there is a thing in the FF extensions/addons that is designed for the little'uns, but I never followed it up....

I've got full access to his rig though, with VNC, so I can assist as and when...


This is the FF thing I was on about...


I must have another look in to it, to see if it's suitable...

waffler - 4-7-2009 at 12:59





LSemmens - 5-7-2009 at 12:40

Thanks peoples. Internet is not an option at this stage, so I've locked down all access to browsers, ctrl panel, etc.

I'll look at those links waffler and see what they've got.