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Deceptively delicious
marymary100 - 17-7-2008 at 16:40

Disguised vegetables- amazingly tasty recipes.

John_Little - 17-7-2008 at 17:14

Sounds like something that woman in the Vicar of Dibley would serve up.

See me, no need to disguise my vegitables. I'll have yours. Specially your sprouts, As long as you dont lick the gravy off first.

marymary100 - 17-7-2008 at 17:37

I love vegetables but then I've got 30,000 taste buds. ;)

janet - 18-7-2008 at 10:50

All well and good but I'd rather raise kids to enjoy veggies because they are local, fresh and well cooked.

Ours (kids, not veggies) were raised with the idea that, "Ohh, you lucky person! Brussel sprouts are in season AND we've had the first hard frost, they're going to be great!" (And sprouts *are* much better if they've been in the field during a hard frost).

John_Little - 18-7-2008 at 10:57

True. But as MM alluded to, it does depend on your taste buds. Some people really really dont like them because they are what is known as "super tasters" which means they are over sensitive to bitter flavours.

I'll have their sprouts too.

marymary100 - 18-7-2008 at 11:25

Well done John. I wasn't sure if anyone would know that. :)

I think the idea is to disguise the vegetable by using the same colour puree as the recipe calls for like butternut squash in macaroni cheese etc but to continue to put at least one vegetable on the plate as well while not making a big deal about it at all. Children eventually mimic the rest of the family anyway.

John_Little - 18-7-2008 at 11:39

Brasicas are also amazingly good anti carcinogens too. So however you consume them it has to be good.

Badgergirl - 23-7-2008 at 14:57

My brother would eat any veg happily...but would ALWAYS spit out the peas!

Oddly enough, they came out whole, and after he'd chewed the rest!

Sometimes it's best to leave something on your plate if the taste of it will spoil the meal.