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victor - 12-3-2008 at 00:01

This looks an interesting site if you have kids In the U.K.

marymary100 - 12-3-2008 at 19:49

Thanks Victor.

liz - 15-3-2008 at 23:30

I like http://www.mothering.com/discussions

peppy - 29-3-2008 at 10:40


I wish to tell you about[snipped by mod - advertising of sites for profit/reward is not part of KF policy} This site helps you with your childcare arrangements. Through this site you can fine reliable nannies, childminders and mothers help. The site also helps you find good nurseries. If you are a nanny looking for a job then you can register with this site. Tinies has a number of centers all over UK.

scholar - 29-3-2008 at 11:06

Welcome, Peppy. I hope you look around and participate in the various topics here, or initiate your own. We're a diverse group, mostly gentle and helpful (though we do sometimes have strong feelings in some of the discussions!).

You're the only one who can contribute your experiences, your opinions, your own knowledge, and your sense of humor. Many of us first came with a computer question, then got to know people and came back for friendships. I hope you visit and post regularly. greengrinwaveysmiley