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Penguin Bloom
marymary100 - 3-10-2016 at 21:39

the magpie


Sam Bloom fell into a deep depression after a fall from a roof terrace during a family holiday left her paralysed from the chest down. But help was to come from an unexpected source - a magpie chick which had fallen from its nest. When the family took in the bird, it brought joy back to their home and allowed Sam to make a new start.
Sam Bloom doesn't remember falling. The last thing she remembers is admiring the view from the terrace of their hotel in Thailand.
It was January 2013 and she was on a family holiday with husband, Cameron, and their three young boys in a small coastal village on the Andaman Sea.
After a morning swim in the sea they discovered the hotel had a rooftop terrace and all bounded up the stairs to take in their surroundings.
Suddenly Cameron heard a tremendous crash. He turned around and Sam was gone - as was the railing she had been leaning against.

LSemmens - 4-10-2016 at 22:12

Good story, mary. I can Identify with some of her story in that I suffered severe head injuries among other things and the hardest thing was not me not remembering, but my wife having to tell me time and time again what happened to me. It was very hard on her. I'm blessed in that I have recovered to a mostly normal life. I live on anti-depressants because without them, I am in a very dark place (which, to me, seemed quite normal) that, close friends observed, I looked like I wanted to kill everyone. I did not ever feel that way, but I was terribly withdrawn.