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Excuse me, pardon me, is that for me?
marymary100 - 5-3-2015 at 18:24

[bad img]http://i.imgur.com/Q679OFX.gif[/bad img]

Nimuae - 6-3-2015 at 08:05

What a cute little creature. What is it?

John_Little - 6-3-2015 at 13:30

Is it not a bush baby?

No. Just googled and its got the wrong ears.

marymary100 - 6-3-2015 at 16:18

Whatever it is, it's really anxious.

John_Little - 6-3-2015 at 18:22

Wouldn't you be if you looked cute enough to eat?

Nimuae - 6-3-2015 at 18:23

I think it is a slow loris - in which case I would be wary of hand feeding it - they have a toxic bite!

Still cute though waveysmiley