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Why does Daisy get her's first?
marymary100 - 22-7-2014 at 15:53

Because Cooper...

LSemmens - 23-7-2014 at 03:48

We had a dog that would join the line for icecream. Would not let anyone push in, but, also, would not force his way into the line either. He'd then make sure that he savoured it. No "two gulps and it's gone", he'd lick it and ensure that the lick was totally enjoyed before taking the next one. You couldn't even drop it on the ground for him, he'd insist that you held it for him, fussy dog!!!!! :D

waffler - 24-7-2014 at 08:51

my dog would do the same down in one :D

scholar - 26-7-2014 at 01:37

I was looking at the heading, and I recall one of Janet's pet peeves.

But, I type things in haste, too.

marymary100 - 26-7-2014 at 08:02

I had a conversation with Karl about this once. He told me that I would be there all day if I started correcting people's errors and I should just leave them. I don't correct your errors scholar although I am aware of them and it would be unfair if I corrected my own outside of the permitted user window.