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Are you hanging on the edge of your seats?
marymary100 - 20-6-2014 at 23:39


LSemmens - 21-6-2014 at 01:41


scholar - 21-6-2014 at 01:56

I like it!

Gotta get Ruby to see it. Or, perhaps on of Snowball's other videos (I don't know if Ruby is a Queen fan.)

ScholarsQueen - 22-6-2014 at 02:31

Check this out.

I liked the video with Snowball. And, I like the one with Michael Jackson music.

LSemmens - 22-6-2014 at 12:39

Thanks, Ruby, Einstein is brilliant! Gonna steal that one.waveysmiley

scholar - 22-6-2014 at 20:03

In the first part of the video, the bird makes sounds like those of other bird species, but then it sounds like a tack hammer and like a chain saw.

I'm wondering if this is a hoax, with a hint in lyre bird (= liar video?). Does anyone know if it is true?

LSemmens - 24-6-2014 at 00:09

The lyrebird can do all those things, scholar. No hoax.