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Not all boxes can be sat in
marymary100 - 15-3-2014 at 13:21


scholar - 15-3-2014 at 14:18

My family used to have a cat named Kitty who tried to get into boxes much too small. She would lie down in a shoe box and overflow on every side!:D

This brought back some happy memories. Kitty is gone, now.

marymary100 - 23-3-2014 at 20:25


Nimuae - 23-3-2014 at 21:32

They can - if you're a cat !

scholar - 24-3-2014 at 00:02

From the comments under MM's site
[bad img]http://i.imgur.com/Gw3v7.gif[/bad img]

[bad img]http://i.imgur.com/QHpclYt.jpg[/bad img]

LSemmens - 24-3-2014 at 09:20

And now we have mail order cats!

(from your first image Scholar)