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Can dogs tell the time?
marymary100 - 28-1-2014 at 20:28


Nimuae - 28-1-2014 at 20:30

Cats can - so why not dogs ?

John_Little - 28-1-2014 at 20:50

And wolves.

Whats the time, Mr Wolf!

LSemmens - 29-1-2014 at 03:46

Highly likely! Trained dogs for the infirm can perform all sorts of tasks, so, why not?

Our dog used to sit on a park bench by our gate waiting for me to come home.

marymary100 - 29-1-2014 at 07:16

My dog roamed free on the farm but was always back home waiting for me near his kennel when I walked up the road after work.

John_Little - 29-1-2014 at 10:43

I knew someone who had a watch dog.