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The cat with two faces
scholar - 6-8-2008 at 04:06

Lil Bit --the cat with two faces!

[bad img]http://img.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2007/11_03/LilBitKNS_468x346.jpg[/bad img]

Vets believe Lil'Bit may actually have two brains as one face can go to sleep while the other remains awake

[owner]'The amazing thing to watch is that one of Lil'Bit's faces can be asleep while the other one is awake. I have also seen him sneeze out of one side and not the other and blink on one side of his face but not the other.

'And when he purrs it is like he is purring in stereo.

What an amazing kitten! His owner used a heating pad on him and fed him from a dropper every fifteen minutes after he was born, until he gained better health. It sounds like something Kitten would do, or DeWitch, or Dreamweaver. . .:)

scholar - 6-8-2008 at 14:10

How do you call a cat with two faces?

"Here, kitty, kitty. . . ."
laughy_smilie laughy_smilie laughy_smilie

John_Little - 6-8-2008 at 14:15


Trouble is, despite it being quite a terrible thing, the joke was quite good.

scholar - 6-8-2008 at 14:29

Are you saying Lil Bit's condition is terrible?

The article says he has trouble walking, but he's otherwise healthy. And his human "mom" loves him greatly. He's fed, petted, and kept warm and dry. He doesn't even have to use the litterbox. Since one side can sleep while the other is awake, he gets the cat's dream of twice as much sleep as other cats! (Literally, he could get in thirty hours of sleep per day! :D:D:D) I think he is wonderful! ;)

John_Little - 6-8-2008 at 15:23

Reminds me of the three eyed fish in the Simpsons.

scholar - 7-8-2008 at 02:17

I would love to hold him when he is purring with both. (The cat, not the fish!:D)

And I think the lady who owns him is wonderful in keeping general privacy, instead of exploiting him (like a carnival exhibit). Cats that get a lot of loving are generally happy cats.:)

Swift - 7-8-2008 at 23:48

Thats scary. lips_sealed

DeWitch - 8-8-2008 at 13:48

Poor little babe -
right now I have a friend who is "raising a tiny kitten" who just barely has its eyes open since it and it's mother (strays)were discovered outside covered in diesel oil.
They don't know what happened to the rest of the kittens as the mother was trying to rescue this one at the time and she is in bad shape at the vets since she ingested so much of the stuff trying to clean herself and her kittens.
The vet thinks it was intentional to kill them.
I would like to be able to apply just punishment to whoever did this to an innocent mother ran her defenseless babies.
I would definitely bring Bear with me too!
MY Bear that is:)

scholar - 8-8-2008 at 14:13

Originally posted by DeWitch
Poor little babe :-)
I would wager that Lil Bit is quite happy, especially with all the extra care he got when he was so very small. The shared body is all his double self has every known, so he is thoroughly used to his situation. (It's not as if some horror movie mad scientist had grafted a second head onto a cat, after all!)

He may never catch a mouse, but he enjoys the warmth of the sun, cat treats, and looking around at the world. I bet he gets held and carried around more than most cats. And, with the attitude most cats have, don't they act as if we should carry them around in sedan chairs?:D

BobbyKatLittleCub - 9-8-2008 at 06:24

I'm so glad Lil'Bit was born to someone who will love and care for him. :D

scholar - 9-8-2008 at 11:40

How did I know Kitten would read this, and probably make a comment?:D:D:D

Hi, Kitten!waveysmiley