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Ultimate kitty joy
janet - 10-5-2008 at 11:57

I've just come home, and while out, bought a small cat toy- a mouse on a bit of elastic.

I've tied that to the door handle.

The cat is in seventh heaven! She's having the time of her life.

Total cost: 1. :)

marymary100 - 10-5-2008 at 12:28

When I was growing up my friend's mother used to knit and the cat would go insane every time the ball of wool twitched as she needed a bit more wool. :D

LSemmens - 10-5-2008 at 13:35

I know of some people who are as easily amused! Sometimes the "cheap" toys are the best!

scholar - 10-5-2008 at 17:01

My younger brother showed me a trick to fascinate a cat. You expose a string around a corner (e.g. a doorway corner, a solid bookcase corner, a couch ), then pull it so that it disappears around the corner with your hand out of sight from the cat. The cat always would run after it. Younger brother thinks it might trigger a sort of reflex reaction, as if the exposed tail of a mouse (PREY!:o) were disappearing as the mouse gets away.

Something to remember if the doorknob toy eventually wears down to small fragments.:D

Topcat - 10-5-2008 at 17:48

Originally posted by scholar
as if the exposed tale of a mouse (PREY!:o) were disappearing as the mouse gets away.

Hey Scholar, we all know that Americans have a strange way of spelling some English words but surely not the above as well

Tale, as in being told / read a story.

Tail, the bit at the rear end of an animal.



scholar - 10-5-2008 at 17:54

Now fixed by edit. greengrin

Indeed, I have too much to do. . . .

the bear - 12-5-2008 at 01:40

Janet the kitten seems to bring "much joy" into your life,
(( Janet))

Best regards the Bear