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Sunday it is.
janet - 25-1-2008 at 22:00

We've found a local lady who takes in parrots - she sounds wonderful on the phone and it all sounds very good. She'll give Harry the time and attention and care we can not. Well, I can not.

I can stop the cat attacking the bird, but I can't stop the bird attacking the cat and that's only going to end with one or both of them injured. So at the moment, he's spending far too much time in his cage.

I hate the idea of rehoming him. He's been part of our family for five years... But I know it's best for him and both kids agree; daughter is coming home to help me go through with this.


victor - 25-1-2008 at 23:54

Sorry you have to part with him Janet, but your reasoning sounds for the best.

scholar - 26-1-2008 at 00:08

O Janet, when you posted about it before, I thought about Harry's safety as a compelling reason to rehome him. Seven is only going to get bigger, and more practiced at stalking. In one way, it speaks well of the safe environment to which Harry is accustomed--he is so comfortable that he doesn't give a thought to danger. He'll be secure in his new environment.

LSemmens - 26-1-2008 at 11:33

All the best, Janet, for the both of you!

Arwenna - 27-1-2008 at 19:23

Sorry to hear the news Harry leaving, :( going miss actives he gets into, I can only image how you’re going to feel, so all the best to you Janet for doing the best for Harry

marymary100 - 27-1-2008 at 23:49

I hope it went ok Janet.

janet - 28-1-2008 at 00:15

It did.

The lady who took him in is "bird mad" - but all her birds were clean, happy, and showing their own, individual personalities. The cockatoo insisted on us acknowledging that he was by far the prettiest, the Senegal hid behind his mirror ("there is no bird!!"), the greys were all talkative and so on...

It was hard - I had to leave quickly in the end, as I was going to cry... but CD came home to help, so was there to take me out to dinner.

marymary100 - 28-1-2008 at 00:26

Sounds like an ideal home then. Hugs.

LSemmens - 28-1-2008 at 10:01

I'm pleased that he has found a good home! It's hard to say goodbye to a friend, as you well know. You've had enough grief and goodbyes in the last twelve months, here's hoping and praying that the next twelve are much better!

janet - 1-2-2008 at 09:36

We've just had an email from the lady who took Harry in - he's doing well, is generally quiet but gets really excited when they clean out his cage (he's in quarantine for a couple of weeks, which only makes sense).

She says he whistles a tune! Say what? Never did for us! I wonder if he's picked it up from some of the other birds - if not the tune, then the idea?

Ah, well - he's happy and that's the main thing.

The cat keeps going in the dining room, and looking bemused... :}

Swish Checkley - 1-2-2008 at 10:02

Originally posted by janet
The cat keeps going in the dining room, and looking bemused... :}

Heh, Basil does that when I take his mice away. He sniffs around for ages as if to say I'm sure I left it here somewhere.
Glad Harry has settled into his new home :)